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Firm Water Road 300 hr.
Yoga Teacher Training Certification


Specializing in…

  • Healthcare Professionals

  • ​Military Members

  • School Teachers

  • College Students

Continuing Education Credit for Healthcare and Education Licenses Available in Most States

Harvard Medical School’s Six Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine are identified in these courses to ensure their resilience measures are accomplished.

We Are Unique


Our yoga certification program is designed to provide university-level education for healthcare workers and school teachers. Unlike many yoga programs, we offer a unique opportunity for individuals to update their licenses by attending our courses. Our program is not remedial and matches the training levels of college students and military personnel. Our staff uses researched educational strategies to teach their courses.


With our program, you will receive 400 hours of university-level education time without the need to document any teaching hours. Unlike other certifications, we do not include fluff or unnecessary filler  hours in our totals, which can lessen your learning time. Our program is packed with exciting, fast-paced information that will keep you engaged and motivated to start the next course.


We take pride in infusing scientific findings and research into each course, unlike other certifications that are based on hearsay from traditions. Their information can become very watered down and inaccurate, especially when it comes to physiology and anatomy. Our teachers have doctorate degrees and medical experience in these subjects, ensuring you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information.


We take a scholarly approach to mystical and religion-based topics to avoid promoting cult-like behaviors or indoctrinating beliefs. Our program presents the facts as they are understood today, with objective academic world view scholars teaching on these subjects. Join us for a unique, high-quality yoga certification program that will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

300 hr. Content Overview

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Should I get a yoga certification in a certain style or lineage?

Getting certified in one yoga style limits your teaching skills. We are unique. We bring them all to you.

Styles of yoga are like ice cream flavors. Firm Water Road is like an ice cream parlor: housing many flavors of ice cream (yoga styles). Firm Water Road Yoga Teacher Training shows you how to make the most effective and best tasting ice cream base, while exploring and learning how to add the flavors (yoga styles). 

You need to know all the flavors (styles), because the style you choose will change with time and with different clients. In the “Meditation” course, FWR applies this multi-flavor approach for the many styles of meditation we teach: MSBR, Transcendental, Zen (Japan) ,Vajrayana (Tibet), Vipasana, Yoga Nidra, Restorative yoga, variety of modern focus meditations.

Below are the root yoga styles. There are many other styles of exercise-type yogas called Hatha yogas, but they are derivatives of these root lineages. For instance, Flow Yoga is derived from Ashtanga Yoga, and Restorative Yoga is derived from Iyengar Yoga. 

Note: four of the six yoga masters below have been accused of sexual abuse with proof and witnesses. One must be very aware, careful, and discerning of yoga teachers and ashrams/communes. FWR filters out these predator teachers for you and monitors our guest teachers closely. We are aware of and alert to the problem.

Together, we academically review the styles in the modern section of FWR’s “Yoga Philosophy” course. For an added and authentic experience, we also practice one style per weekend in the FWR “Biomechanics” course with a certified guest expert of that tradition/style. 



Lineage Guru: Krishnamacharya, 1888-1989 Chennai, India (Hatha Yoga—physical)

     Tradition/Style: Ashtanga Yoga, Master: Pattabhi Jois, 1915-2009; Mysore, India, - physically demanding, fast-                             paced.

     Tradition/Style: Iyengar Yoga, Master: BKS Iyengar, 1918-2014 Pune, India, -classical, holding poses.

     Tradition/Style: Viniyoga, Master: TKV Desikachar, 1938-2016 Chennai, India, -therapeutic.



Lineage Guru: BC Ghosh, 1903-1970, Calcutta, India-brother to Paramhansa Yogananda (Hatha Yoga—physical)

     Tradition/Style: Bikram Yoga, Master: Bikram Chudhury, 1944-Living, born Kolkata, India: hot, 28 poses, always                           the same,designed to address every muscle, joint, organ, and gland.


Lineage Guru: Sant Hazara Singh, Sikh martial artist, 1929-2004 (NOT Hatha Yoga)

     Tradition/Style: Kundalini Yoga, Master: Yogi Bhajan, 1929-2004 born Gujranwala, Pakistan: awaken the                                   energy at the base of the spine to enhance awareness and help you move past your ego. This is a                           more mystical form of yoga. Not always considered physical yoga, although they use physical                               movement. They also chant throughout class.


Lineage Guru: Kripalvananda, 1913-1981, Dabhoi, India, (Hatha Yoga—physical)

     Tradition/Style: Kripalu Yoga, Master: Amrit Desai, 1932-Living, Florida but from Halol, India- move at own pace,                           yoga of compassion.

Live or Virtual Attendance Courses: 170 hrs.


  • One weekend every other month = 18 months for all three courses if you stay with your cohort and allow for holidays.

  • You may condense to 12 months with 1 weekend every month using overlapping cohorts or by request of a group.

  • Weekend workshops are Friday 2 hrs., 6pm-8pm + Saturday 8 hrs., 7am-11am, 1pm-5pm + Sunday 5 hrs., 7am-12pm = 15 hrs./weekend

Course 1. The Biomechanics & Sacred Geometry of Yoga for Mind Body Soul Health Certification: Six live or virtual weekends: (15 hrs. ea. x 6) + 10 reading hrs.= 100 hrs. Total

Course 3. An Academic Survey Certification of Global Meditation Styles & Techniques: 2 live or virtual weekends: 15 hours ea. x 2 + 5 hrs. reading and home practice = 35 hrs. Total

Course 2. A Scientific Investigation of Food as Medicine: Ayurveda + Nutritional Research for Mind Body Health Certification: 2 live or virtual weekends: 15 hrs ea. x 2 + 5 hrs. reading/home practice =  35 hrs. Total


  •  Two hrs. every other week. Courses are consecutive to each other, but simultaneous to the live/virtual weekends.

  • 60 weeks = approximately 15 months + holiday breaks for all 3 courses.

  • Longer Option: It can take longer if the cohort decides to take holiday breaks or rests between courses, which is an option.

  • Shorter Option: The timeline can be reduced to 12 months at the request of a group by speeding up the “Breath as Medicine” course to weekly attendance instead of every other week. The group must unanimously agree.

Zoom Attendance Courses: 120 hrs.

Course 4. A Scholarly Examination of 5000 Years of Yoga Philosophy for Mind Soul Health Certification: Zoom 20 hrs. (divided into 10 sessions of 2 hrs. ea. for approximately 20 weeks) + 20 hrs. of reading time = 40 hours Total

Course 5. An Academic Exploration of Breath as Medicine for Mind Body Soul Health Certification: Zoom 10 hrs. (divided into 5 sessions of 2 hrs. for approximately 10 weeks) + 10 hrs. reading time = 20 hrs. Total

Course 6. A Psychological Study of Neurosis & Human Growth for Mind Soul Health Certification: Zoom 20 hrs. (divided into 10 sessions of 2 hrs. ea. for approximately 20 weeks)  + 20 hrs. reading & easy to fill out of study guide = 40 hrs. Total

Course 7. An Academic Exploration of Breath as Medicine for Mind Body Soul Health Certification: Zoom 10 hrs. (divided into 5 sessions of 2 hrs. for approximately 10 weeks) + 10 hrs. reading time = 20 hrs. Total

 Videos: 10 hrs.

—Video program #1: Unique teaching hacks to becoming a high performance teacher, 5 hrs.            

—Video program #2: How people learn, 2 hrs.

—Video program #3: How to become an excellent educator, 3 hrs.

Text Books

Course 1

Byrd-Rider, Kim (2018). The Therapy Bible on Yoga.

Journal Articles.

Course 2

Dale, C. (2015). Llewellyn's complete book of Ayurveda: A comprehensive resource for the understanding and practice of traditional Indian medicine. Llewellyn Worldwide.

O'Donnell, K. (2016). The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook: A Seasonal Guide to Eating and Living Well. Shambhala Publications.

Journal Articles.

Course 3

Lutz, A., Dunne, J. D., & Davidson, R. J. (2007). Meditation and the neuroscience of consciousness. Cambridge handbook of consciousness.

Journal Articles.

Course 4

Keller, D. (2015). Heart of the Yogi. 

Course 5

Nestor, J. (2020). Breath: The new science of a lost art. Penguin.

Journal Articles.

Course 6

Horney, K. (1950). Neurosis and human growth: The struggle toward self-realization. W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.

                                      Yoga Certification Content Summary

Timeline Flow: total of 12 — 18 months

— Live or virtual courses (170 hrs.): One weekend every other month. Courses are taught one after the other, consecutively. Makeup weekends may be possible for schedule problems to help accommodate your life.

— Zoom courses (120 hrs.): Two hours every other week with breaks for holidays added. Courses are taught one at a time, consecutively. Day or evening options available to fit your schedule. Recordings available for a limit of three absentee events.

—Video programs (10 hrs.): watched independently with a turned in list of three learnings.

Lead Instructor & Founder

Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider, PT, DPT 

Guest Specialist Instructors will vary with cohorts but all will possess degrees and life experience in the course’s domain.

Cohort Start Dates & Locations

All courses may be used towards a Lifestyle Medicine Certification as well. 


Complete 18 month course (includes tuition and text books)  $5200

  • Payment plans available for 12 & 18 months

  • Discount rates for groups. Groups rates are negotiated with the group leader.

  • Large healthcare, college, military, or school groups may choose start date, location, and length of program.

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  • Need more information?

  • Negotiate a group rate?

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