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Firm Water is a supply term.

It is the supply of water sent to replenish an area that has been through the most severe droughts on record.

Metaphorically, we are
road to the firm water supply for the people of our time.






Firm Water Road’s Mission: To drive social change from fear, violence, and tribalism and toward wholeness, resilience, and peace for a better world.


Firm Water Road’s Vision: To remove negative bio-psycho-social health obstacles from one person at a time by providing individual experiences and learnings from new scientific findings and ancient life masters.





What we do:  Firm Water Road supplies the science-based conduit or map for individual growth and subsequent change. We successfully deliver an accessible online curriculum, clear in-person services, and transformational travel workshops to provide quality medical-grade self-care for healthcare workers. We offer a fresh and comprehensive solution approach to our current health crises. We specialize in healthcare professionals.


What we believe:  Life’s journey is about you managing you with grace, ease, and poise. All the rest will fall into place. Socrates, the founder of Western Philosophy in ancient Greece (400 BCE), stated, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” We agree. We also believe that you cannot go unescorted into your soul. Examining your life is an epic quest and a road of discipline, development, and mentorship. It is a dangerous journey alone; full of ego pitfalls, neurotic quicksand, and distracting detours. Famous Indian Siddha master of Eastern Philosophy, Muktananda (1970’s CE) said, “A seeker is confused when he doesn't have a guide.” We agree. We have found the maps and the navigators you will need for a safe journey. Join us and the masters. Start today. Wherever you are on this road is the perfect starting point.

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   We supply accelerated East meets West
Lifestyle Medicine Treatments
1. Therapeutic Services from Medical Professionals
2. Transformational Travel
3. Online Courses, Treatments, & Trainings


Our Focus

The post - 2020 era is called “The Great Rethink” as people re-evaluate their lives.

Throughout history, when dictators come into power, they notoriously massacre educators and scientists first. Why? Because educators and scientists are the game changers. For instance, Albert Einstein and his family were targeted by Hitler in Berlin. They are mind liberators. They deliver results. We need to understand what dictators know: EDUCATION WITH SCIENCE IS POWER. Firm Water Road contains educational information that suppressors are afraid of, i.e., the ability to change, overcome, and then become empowered.
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Without mental and physical adapting skills, pain and suffering result.
 Lifestyle, friends, work, news, voting, work, and location are being re-evaluated by multitudes of people and Firm Water Road is here to help with the transition. The motivation process of pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance and relapse prevention are leveraged by Firm Water Road programs.

Firm Water Road offers a scientific and educationally sound resilience curriculum that fosters adapting to 21st century modernity. We have chosen to use online technology to reach the masses instead of the quagmired university system, even though our staff and founder have come from healthcare university systems. 

Similar to the university system, we educate, explain, and respect scientific research as we reach back into the annals of history to promote and preserve what was healing from the ancient wisdom arts as well.

And must be created by you. Our navigators are here to help. 
Look over our unique coursework to see the power of this combination. 

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