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Meticulously Researched & Secular



with Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider
in the U.S. Virgin Islands

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A Precursor to Faith, Fortitude, and Thriving.
Fall in Love with your SOUL.

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Do you see your
behaviors in the

yellow, orange, or
red columns below?

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The soul school is separate from Kim Byrd-Rider’s work role at

West Point US Military Academy.



  • Shred the debris of beliefs and roadblocks that no longer serve you

  • Improve your mindset and see the world through a new lens

  • Discipline your mind and develop your body

  • Free your soul, hidden and forgotten in your train’s caboose

  • Restore your soul as your locomotive engineer, conductor, and guide

  • Reconnect your soul to the “Source” for co-creation superpowers

  • Develope self-esteem, resilience, and hope


Join us and thrive on a

“Foundation of Trust.”


Renowned psychiatrist and brain disorder

physician Dr. Daniel Amen reports:



It is never too late to start improving your health. Soul School is made specifically for high stress/trauma occupations like…

  • Healthcare Professionals

  • Military Members

  • School Teachers

  • College Students

Some people grow from trauma and some people develop PTSD from the exact same trauma, according to US military records. 


The amount of  brain/mind health you have before the trauma dictates your ability to deal with and recover from the stress/trauma.’

What is Lifestyle Medicine?
Harvard Medical School’s Six Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine

  • Physical Activity

  • Health Centered Nutrition

  • Restorative Sleep

  • Social Connections

  • Avoidance of Risky Substances 

  • Stress Management 

  • Lifestyle Medicine Pillars

  • Positive Psychology

  • Mystics & Physics

Our events are held at and catered by  “Spirit On The Water” yoga retreat center on St. Thomas island in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Sleeps 25 people, addition housing available nearby. 


Shift into

Technicolor Living

Certifications Offered

Complete All for a comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine Certification

404052 - Rx Yoga for Daily Practice Day

Read more about the courses…



on St. Thomas Island
in the 
US Virgin Islands

Courses will be taught consequtively,and then the order begins again.It may take 2+ years to complete all 14 courses.Some courses will be available online or virtually.Purchase the courses individually, and earnindividual certifications for each course.A Lifestyle Medicine Certificationrequires the completion of all courses.


Winter Break 2024

Click the buttons below to enroll

To schedule a private workshop for your group contact


These Firm Water Road Certifications accomplish the educational goals for the greatest skills you will need for healthy living: the ability to change, adapt, and achieve results for mental/physical resilience. 


Refund Policy: All FWR tuition payments are non-refundable, but you may apply your funds towards a future course with FWR. Refund policy for other travel amenities must follow the vendors’ policy (ie. hotel and airfare).


Gift a scholarship to someone you know or don’t know. We have a 501c3 Nonprofit department with a focus on aiding healthcare workers, military members, teachers, and students.


Firm Water is a supply term.

It is the supply of water sent to replenish an area

that has been through the most severe droughts on record.

Metaphorically, we are

the firm water supply

for the people of our time.

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