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Study Group #1
with Application Activities


Neurosis and Human Growth

Get ready to break free from the suffocating shackles of neurotic behavior and live your life authentically! This amazing book will guide you through identifying mechanisms such as "pride systems," "self-hatred systems," and "god complexes" that create false behavioral dictatorships. Let's work through the chapters together, filling out a study guide and discussing the content as a group online. You'll be thrilled to know that the author, Dr. Karen Horney, was a world-renowned psychiatrist and founder of the American Psychological Association!

Pilates Reformer & Mat

Have you heard of Joseph Pilates and his revolutionary approach to fitness? He believed that by strengthening the body, you could also improve the mind, and that's exactly what Pilates does! This amazing workout focuses on strengthening your core muscles, improving flexibility, and enhancing your body awareness. What's even more incredible is that Pilates the connection between your mind and body, encouraging you to be present in the moment and fully engaged in your movements. This mindful approach to exercise can have numerous benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety, improved posture, and increased overall well-being. Are you ready to try Pilates and experience these amazing benefits for yourself?

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