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Continuing Education Credit for Healthcare and Education Licenses Available for Most States

Course Description

Ayurveda, India's ancient healing and wellness system, continues to be a marvel. A solid understanding of Ayurveda can help you live a better, more balanced, and productive life.

Master the fundamentals of Ayurveda, the science of life, with this course. If you are a beginner in Ayurveda, this course will give you all the fundamentals. You will learn the Indians herbs and flavors used as medicine in food for centuries.

You will cook, eat and learn as we take a deep dive into the research of food as medicine in this course. This is always a fun and popular course. Join us. 

This course is an independent certification.
It is also a required course of the
Yoga Teacher Training & Lifestyle Medicine Certifications.

                     Schedule: Two Live or Virtual Weekends

    One workshop every other month unless negotiated differently. 

Workshop 1. Part I, Food as Medicine
     a. Friday: literature review of food as medicine
     b. Saturday: herbs/spice uses as medicine, cooking and eating
     c. Sunday: review of Ayurveda’s historic role, cooking and eating

Workshop 2. Part II, Food as Medicine
     a. Friday: literature review of food as medicine    
     b. Saturday:  additional herbs/spice uses as medicine
, cooking and eating
     c. Sunday: comparison to Chinese medicine, question/answer, cooking and eating

Course Objectives

After this course you will be able to…

  1. Verbally articulate the benefits of using food as medicine to others.

  2. Analyze which herbs and spices are used for which kind of remedies.

  3. Cook with herbs and spices for specific medicinal results.

  4. Recognize 20 Indian herbs and spices used in Ayurveda cooking.

  5. Understand the effects of food on physiology.


Dale, C. (2015). Llewellyn's complete book of Ayurveda: A comprehensive resource for the understanding and practice of traditional Indian medicine. Llewellyn Worldwide.

O'Donnell, K. (2016). The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook: A Seasonal Guide to Eating and Living Well. Shambhala Publications.

Journal Articles.

Workshops Dates and Locations

Coming soon


  • Two live or virtual weekends: (15 hrs. ea. x 2) + 5 hrs. reading and practice hrs.= 35 hrs. Total

  • Weekends are Friday 2 hrs., 6pm-8pm + Saturday 8 hrs., 7am-11am, 1pm-5pm + Sunday 5 hrs., 7am-12pm = 15 hrs./weekend


Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider, PT, DPT, Founder
& Guest Specialists in Ayurvedic Cooking


Complete two weekends of workshops for Certification in Food as Medicine (includes tuition and text books).


  • Payment plans available for 4 months

  • Discount rates for groups. Groups rates are negotiated with the group leader.

  • Large healthcare, college, military, or school groups may choose start date, location, and length of program.

  • If participating in our Yoga Teacher Training, the cost of this course is included in your tuition.

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