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How to Harness the Koshas & Unleash the Soul’s Monumental Power according to sages, and psychiatrists For Soul Health Certification

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Specializing in…

  • Healthcare Professionals

  • ​Military Members

  • School Teachers

  • College Students

Continuing Education Credit for Healthcare and Education Licenses Available for Most States

Course Description

Additional Topic: The breath is the yoke that unifies the Koshas. The Breath belongs to all five and exists in the present moment where the soul is.

  1. The breath is a physical act of the lungs and breathing muscles.

  2.  The breath can change neurological responses and vice versa. 

  3. The breath can change psychological responses and vice versa.

  4. Breath and Spirit are the same word in Hebrew (Ruah), Greek (Pneuma), Latin (Spiritus), and Sanskrit (Prana). 

The soul enters the body at birth with the breath and leaves the body at death with the breath. They hold hands throughout life.

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Expanded Spirit (Energy Body) Topic… The Seven Chakras houses the following:

  1. The Ego (the false self) which is a series of coping mechanism generated by the imagination. These seven elements of the ego could be called the seven deadly sins: pride, greed, self-entitlement, wrath, excessiveness, envy, and complacency.

  2. The Soul (the true self) which is held captive and shackled by the ego.

  3. Resolution: Unshackling and liberate the soul is achieved by praying for the reciprocal graces for liberation: Humility (pride), Reverence (greed), Understanding (self-entitlement), Fortitude (wrath), Guidance (excessiveness-gluttony), Knowingness (envy), Wisdom (complacency-sloth).  

Action: Preparation of Yoga, Tai Chi, and Meditation for the alchemy of Prayer for Grace 

This course defines, examines, and compiles the wisdom of great sages, philosophers, and teachers of psychiatry to show the evolution of the content and conclusions presented here. We use well known text books, philosophers, psychologists, and psychiatrists as references.

This course is an independent certification.
It is also a required course of the
Yoga Teacher Training & Lifestyle Medicine Certifications.

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Course Objectives

After this course you will be able to…

  1. Identify the key components of the True Self and the False Self alone with the coping mechanisms of the False Self

  2. Understand and perform the process of unifying the koshas

  3. Know and perform the role the breath place in spirit awakening and soul liberation

  4. Understand the theories of ego and soul and how they operate with and against each other

  5. Coordinate a personal program for progression to enlightenment, awakening, self realization


Workshops Dates and Locations

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Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider, PT, DPT, Founder
& Guest Specialists 


Complete two weekends of workshops for Certification in Food as Medicine (includes tuition and text books).


  • Payment plans available for 4 months

  • Discount rates for groups. Groups rates are negotiated with the group leader.

  • Large healthcare, college, military, or school groups may choose start date, location, and length of program.

  • If participating in our Yoga Teacher Training, the cost of this course is included in your tuition.

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