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Novice or skilled, we meet you where you are.

We do it differently

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Join our fun study groups for personal and social transformation with sought-after masters of science and wisdom. Discover the power of application activities for positive change at Firm Water Road.



  • Master Holistic Teachers

  • Philosophers

  • Scientists, Mystics

  • Psychiatrists

  • Psychologists

  • Movement Arts

Navigate away from fragmenting and toward wholeness, health, and resilience.


With FWR you…

  • Re-map, re-wire, and re-code sabotaging and self-limiting beliefs into self-supportive thoughts, feelings, and actions.

  • Glean jewels for living from the world's wisdom teachings, movement activities, and scientific findings.

  • Navigate toward physical, mental, and social WHOLENESS as you learn how and practice thriving. 


Shift into Technicolor Living


Our childhood ego tries to safeguard us by building a socially acceptable yet fake False-Self constructed of pride, greed, self-entitlement/blame, anger, revenge, addiction, gluttony, envy, and complacency. 


These root deeply into our unreachable unconscious mind and grow unchecked. This makes us feel fragmented: pulled, in pieces, apart, incomplete, detached, isolated, broken, stressed, or anxious.               


Shed the ego’s coping strategies and survival mechanisms by developing the Soul, your True-Self. The soul’s attributes are reverence, piety, understanding, fortitude, courage, vulnerability, resilience, perseverance, health, directional counsel, knowingness, and wisdom. 

This is the building process of self esteem, resilience and self-realization.            


Live your REAL Life!

Her Eastern Skills
Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Meditation, Acupuncture, Hypnosis, Philosophy, Prayer
Her Western Education
Harvard Univ. Psychology & Business Mngmt.
Boston Univ. Physical Therapy (Dr.)
Univ. of Oklahoma Health Science (B.S.) & Physical Therapy (M.)

About Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider

with MedicalGrade
Bio-Psycho-Social Excellence





Firm Water Road’s ONE—STOP—SHOP for East/West holistic health opens your resilience umbrella to empower all your health systems.

For a low monthly fee, private members have unlimited access to an exclusive education and unique activities portal.


What is Lifestyle Medicine? 

Harvard Medical School’s Six Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine

  • Physical Activity

  • Health Centered Nutrition

  • Restorative Sleep

  • Social Connections

  • Avoidance of Risky Substances 

  • Stress Management 


WHY… Firm Water Road? 

A note from Kim Byrd-Rider

I am part of a medical community of scientists who watched our comrades and coworkers mentally and physically malfunction and break down as they tried to emotionally tread turbulent water from 2020 to 2022.


I knew I had to act. I have researched what really works since 1997. I created the content on this site as a lifeboat to resilience against all types of future crashing waves.

Now, it is time to share these global discoveries and speedy hacks into positive psychology, mystical wisdom, physics, and lifestyle medicine.


Individually, these 4 are change agents. United, they are a never-seen-before powerhouse that bring hope and health to…


      Everyone, but especially for ...

Healthcare workers

School Teachers

Military Members

College Students

I have worked in hospitals, outpatient clinics, and home health since 2009. I am you. I get you, and I made these courses for you! Courses meet healthcare continuing education requirements.

I work for the Virgin Islands public school system in the physical therapy special needs dept. Both of her parents are teachers. I watch you up-close. I get you, and I made these courses for you! Courses meet teacher continuing education requirements.

I worked for Army West Point Military Academy in Sports Medicine, The Pentagon’s Dept. of Defense DOD; Defense Health Agency DHA, Naval Air Station Key West, Tinker Air Force Base, and the Federal Aviation Administration FAA. I watch you up-close. I get you, and I made these courses for you! Courses meet Army Spiritual Readiness and Mental domain training parameters.

I earned 5 degrees and certificates. I am a lifetime student and understand students’ needs and stressors.  I am you. I get you, and I made these courses for you!

…from Kim Byrd-Rider


  • “Brilliant presenter! Forward thinking, extremely educated, and original perspective; the best understanding of the human body. A highly effective and exciting, stimulating method to improve strength, flexibility, mobility, and state of mind.”

                                —Cynthia Fry, Physical Therapist

  • “I've been attending continuing education classes for the last 35 years of my healthcare career. I felt like I finally found a program that teaches me some things I haven't heard or done.”

                               —Donna Ramos, Physical Therapist

Workshop reviews from Clinical Healthcare Workers

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