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Ocala Florida, Near Orlando

World Equestrian Center/Disney World Ocala, Florida (Orlando) Thanksgiving, 2022

Stunning Japan

Stunning Japan 10-19 September, 2023


October 13, 2023 Details Coming Soon


Ultimate China 7-17 April, 2024

Royal Palace of Fort Barbara, India, Festival of Holi

Amazing India & Nepal March 20, 2024 Details Coming Soon

Event Topics are from
our online Curriculum.

Summer in Aspen, Colorado

Event Topics:

  • Becoming a Community Again: Outreach Plans 

  • What is Lifestyle Medicine? The Six Pillars + 

  • Building Utopian Medical & Business Environments 

  • Native American Wisdom for Planet Resource Use 

  • Essentials of Joint Therapy 

Stunning Japan

Event topics:

  • Inclusion-ism, Dignity & Violence De-escalation 

  • Zen Meditation & Prayer as Lifestyle Medicine

  • Mudita: How to Experience Joy Through Others 

  • Reiki & Spiritual Transmission as Lifestyle Medicine 

  • Learning the Art of Curtesy & Hospitality 

Ancient China
Event Topics:

  • Taoism  & Confucius-ism as Legendary Eastern Philosophy

  • Watsu as Lifestyle Medicine

  • Tai Chi as Lifestyle Medicine 

  • Qigong as Lifestyle Medicine 

  • Secrets to the Lost Arts of Humanity 


Tropical Dominican Republic

Event Topics:

  • Proof of God? Where Mysticism & Science meet, Quantum Physics 

  • How to Rewire Negative Emotional Brain Patterns 

  • Mission Control Mechanisms: Neurosis and the Ego 

  • Pilates as Lifestyle Medicine 

  • Feldenkrais as Lifestyle Medicine 

  • Dance as Lifestyle Medicine 

Old World Nepal & India

​Event Topics:

  • Breathwork as Lifestyle Medicine 

  • Hypnosis as Lifestyle Medicine 

  • Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine 

  • Meditation & Prayer as Lifestyle Medicine 

  • Buddhism and Sufi as Legendary Eastern Philosophy 


Gift a trip to a healthcare worker you know or don’t know. We are a 501c3 Nonprofit with a focus on aiding the mental health of healthcare workers. Any amount will help a healthcare worker.

They need these courses information both professionally and personally.


Healthcare Workers: Apply for a donated Transformational Trip scholarship on the contact us form. Give us your situation and info. We will contact you when a full or partial scholarship arrives to help de-escalate your anxiety while you learn Lifestyle Medicine Techniques for yourself and your patients.