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Authentic Transformational

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Shift into Technicolor Living

  • Physical Activity

  • Health Centered Nutrition

  • Restorative Sleep

  • Social Connections

  • Avoidance of Risky Substances 

  • Stress Management 

Harvard Medical School’s Six Pillars 
of Lifestyle Medicine 
Our Course & Workshop Topics

Transformational Travel

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Yoga Certification for Healthcare Workers Waikoloa, Hawaii, February 22-27, 2024


Ultimate China 7-17 April, 2024


Old World India Coming Soon

Stunning Japan

Secrets of Japan 10-19 September, 2024


Stunning Alaska Glamping Coming Soon!

Ocala Florida, Near Orlando

World Equestrian Center/Disney World Ocala, Florida (Orlando) Thanksgiving, 2022


Classic New York City Coming Soon

Event Topics are from
our online Curriculum.

Stunning Alaska Glamping

Event Topics:

  • Becoming a Community Again: Outreach Plans 

  • What is Lifestyle Medicine? The Six Pillars + 

  • Building Utopian Medical & Business Environments 

  • Native American Wisdom for Planet Resource Use 

  • Essentials of Joint Therapy 

Secrets of Japan

Event topics:

  • Inclusion-ism, Dignity & Violence De-escalation 

  • Zen Meditation & Prayer as Lifestyle Medicine

  • Mudita: How to Experience Joy Through Others 

  • Reiki & Spiritual Transmission as Lifestyle Medicine 

  • Learning the Art of Curtesy & Hospitality 

Ancient China
Event Topics:

  • Taoism  & Confucius-ism as Legendary Eastern Philosophy

  • Watsu as Lifestyle Medicine

  • Tai Chi as Lifestyle Medicine 

  • Qigong as Lifestyle Medicine 

  • Secrets to the Lost Arts of Humanity 


Classic New York City

Event Topics:

  • Proof of God? Where Mysticism & Science meet, Quantum Physics 

  • How to Rewire Negative Emotional Brain Patterns 

  • Mission Control Mechanisms: Neurosis and the Ego 

  • Pilates as Lifestyle Medicine 

  • Feldenkrais as Lifestyle Medicine 

  • Dance as Lifestyle Medicine 

Specializing in Healthcare Professionals

Old World India

​Event Topics:

  • Breathwork as Lifestyle Medicine 

  • Hypnosis as Lifestyle Medicine 

  • Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine 

  • Meditation & Prayer as Lifestyle Medicine 

  • Buddhism and Sufi as Legendary Eastern Philosophy 

World Equestrian Center
Ocala, Florida

Firm Water Road Office Location

Event Topics:

  • Multiple Curriculum Workshops Coming Soon!


White Glove Service
Provided by
Our Partnering World Class
Travel Agents

Our Asia Specialists
located in New York


Our India Specialists
located in London

  • You will stay in Legendary Hotels/Spas.

  • We only use Robb Report Magazine endorsed Travel Agents: our Asia specialists in New York & our India specialists in London to assist you in planning your personalized trip.

  • Included:​   

1. Group transformational curriculum workshops with Firm Water Road clinical instructors.
2. Group transformational activities with Firm Water Road professional coaches.
3. Private one-to-one transformational coaching and clinical training available for an additional fee.

United States


Trip Pricing

General Approximations 
for Pricing

Please contact Firm Water Road to personalize your travel experience with our award winning agents and receive exact pricing.





Gift a trip to a healthcare worker you know or don’t know. We are a 501c3 Nonprofit with a focus on aiding the mental health of healthcare workers. Any amount will help a healthcare worker. They need these courses information both professionally and personally.


Healthcare Workers: Apply for a donated Transformational Trip scholarship on the contact us form. Give us your situation and info. We will contact you when a full or partial scholarship arrives to help de-escalate your anxiety while you learn Lifestyle Medicine Techniques for yourself and your patients.

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