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Dr. Kim is an adjunct professor for the California Institute of Human Science in San Diego, Ca. This course was developed as a college course, but Kim is making it accessible to all for a lower price than college tuition.

Kim is a hard-working, board-certified physical therapist for hospitals, out-patient clinics, home health, ICU and skilled nursing facilities. She taught over 12,000 yoga classes (1990s) BEFORE going to college to become a PT. Kim definitely knows how to orchestrate multifaceted orthopedic and neurological pain solutions using both holistic and science-based approaches together. She is a national expert at it and teaches other PTs how to do this effectively.

Her planet-sized love of education, passion for social change, curiosity for the mystical holistic world, and knowledge of the hard sciences have now collided together, and she has birthed a star...Firm Water Road (2022); a champion for wholeness, resilience, and peace. This star emanates educational hope for a better world.

She doesn't do this alone. She recruits scientists and wisdom art masters to help her help you navigate as you shift into technicolor living. Cross-pollinating scientific evidence with mystical wisdom and recruiting navigators who deliver beyond expectations is her gift. She has a very discerning eye with a midwestern sense of humor.

Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider

Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider

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