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This ground-breaking healthcare book provides note and program referencing ability to PTs, OTs, PTAs/COTAs, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Rolfers, Athletic Trainers, Yoga Teachers and even to the injured themselves. Anyone who needs an easy, fast and therapeutically sound way to build a yoga program for a specific diagnosis has found their solution. Each yoga exercise contains four topics for fast and easy information searching:1. Dr. Kim's Comments (supplemental therapy commentary)2. For Your Notes (condensed, single-spaced, paragraph form)3. Accomplishments of This Yoga Exercise (patient handouts)4. Follow These Instructions with Pictures (patient handouts)Excessive exercise time, note documentation time, accurate documentation, ineffective exercises, small cartoon handouts and exercise choice errors are the great hurdles of any therapist. This book was created to solve these problems. It’s time to get very specific and make sure every exercise a person does achieves their diagnosis needs and does it well. Due to time constraints, it also has to be fast.

The Therapy Bible on Yoga by Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider, PT

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