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After you have finished 3 courses, you are invited to join our Fellowship. Please email us at with your request to join and attach your 3 certificates of completion. When you complete all 24 courses, you may apply for the Firm Water Fellowship Certification by submitting all 24 certificates of completion.

Emai Us

Fellowship Benefits

Earn Money

With Fellowship certification, you will receive a Teaching Kit for Free

You will be qualified to teach a one hour in service at your job or in community organizations and you are also qualified to teach a one day course anywhere.

The Teaching Kit includes: PowerPoint presentation, handouts, objectives and goals list, course outline, speaking outline, suggested activities, and certificate of completion for attendees.


Everything you need.


Our curriculum developer is a professional educator, but you will take our pre-planned infrastructure and make it your own. We make teaching easy.


Two versions included: 1 hour course and 6 hour course

You can teach for free or charge the attendees a fee. Your venue and price is up to you. You keep all the money or even donate it.


We also supply you with our merchandise, if you want to sell items at your event for a commission.

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Your Own Course

(with an original course topic)

Free of charge, just for being a Fellow.


Did you ever want to teach and earn extra money? Develop your own one hour in-service or one day course workshop based on our course topics.  You can even use our research. Developing an educational course is tricky. There are multiple domains that must be addressed for optimal learning. Organized course structure is a must for success. We know from experience!  

Just to name a few...

There's also support projects, cyber events, discounts (including 30% off coaching packages), a newsletter

and more.

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