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Yoga Philosophy: Up-level your Yoga Practice ™

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10-13 Hours of Content Yoga has the POWER to change your life. Many people treat yoga as a physical exercise from India and it is, but in this course you will discover that yoga is so much more. Yoga is a lifestyle if you understand the philosophy and the yoga postures are sacred geometry. Required Text: Heart of the Yogi: Philosophy by Doug Keller $25, purchase at Yoga delivers health to not only the physical body, but also to the mental and spiritual domains of Lifestyle Medicine used here at Firm Water Road to up-level your life. Originally, Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider developed and taught this course as an adjunct professor in the California Institute of Human Science’s psychology Master’s and Doctorate program. The syllabi for this course is available. This yoga philosophy course is thorough and in-depth spanning over 4000 years with over 10 hours of recorded teaching video of an entertaining one-to-one professor/student class. There are also powerpoint support materials for each lesson. Dr. Kim makes a complex topic simple and easy to follow. If you are new to yoga, after this course you will start practicing yoga from a brand new perspective. If you have been practicing yoga for years, then you will travel much further into the world behind your eyes than you ever have before, safely escorted by our western education professional and eastern expert in yoga, Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider.

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