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The Everything Workout: Yoga, TaiChi, Prayer+ ™


Over 70 Hours of Content Our schedule: Week 1-3: Learning weeks. A. Each day we learn exercise physiology. It delivers an optimal total body workout that is physical therapy safe. B. Each day we learn psychology and philosophy that will free you from yo-yo weight gain, stress, anxiety, and depression. C. The daily meditations are hypnosis obstacle clearing for weight loss and technicolor living. Week 4-5: A. Introduction of breath work added to the body/mind/brain work already established in week 1-3. B. Quiet, introversion work, simple body alignment cuing with breath cuing. Less talking. C. Mediation still involve hypnosis. Week 6-12 A. Body and Breath alignments are by now habitual and very few physical alignment and breath cues given. B. Focus is on prayer and soul work using the body/breath/mind connections already established in week 1-5. (This is why the program must be done in order.) C. We work on one energy center (chakra) per week for 7 weeks. We focus on 4 topics of each energy center (chakra) 1. It’s Universal Truth of Yoga Philosophy, 2. It’s Deadly Sin of Pope Saint Gregory (500’s AD) 3. It’s Saving Grace of Carolyn Myss, and 4. It’s Inner Castle Room of St. Teresa of Avilla (1500’s AD). Please follow this program from the beginning to the end. Each day builds on the next. If you jump ahead, it will be difficult to follow. A lot of thought has been put into the sequencing of our road together.

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